It seems that Khloe Kardashian may not have learned her lesson, and according to reports, the reality television star is back in love with her ex, Tristan Thompson.

But according to Radar Online, despite the fact that Tristan worked very hard to win Khloe back and her apparent love for him - he just sees her as a booty call!

"She was all over him at the Christmas party, and he's really playing into it by leading her on and flirting the whole time until they eventually spent the night together," a source close to the former couple told Radar.

The source adds that Tristan has been working very hard at being a good father and good to Khloe.

"But the fact is that he still sees her as a booty call while she's totally in love with the guy and wants him back, period," the source continued. "It's only going to end one way eventually."

Is Khloe gearing up for more heartache in 2020, or will Tristan turn out to be her Prince Charming after all?