Khia: Trina Should Be Put To Sleep!!

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This week, Khia responded to Trina's recent remarks about protestors looting in Atlanta -- saying that the rapper and radio host should be put to sleep.

Last week, a clip of Trina calling protestors "animals" went viral. Trina did later issue an apology on air after fans urged the station to drop her from the show, but Khia let fans know that she was going to give her take on the debacle on the next episode of Gag Order.

"This whore still trying to apologize -- her spirit is walking around haunting the people and it's time to kill the spirit. Trick still can't control his sh*t dog, so she needs to be put to sleep -- we the people don't want to hear your apology. We have dug up your priors and you are a habitual offender, so you are canceled for that reason alone."

Of course, Khia did not stop there:

 "You are being charged with being a dumb b*tch, talking sh*t and trying to apologize for it, belly flopping just like your career. Meaning every word you said then lying and trying to take it back. Reading a poorly written apology, being arrogant, delusional, trifling, skeeted up prostitute with a low IQ thinking everybody is beneath you."