Rapper Khia Continues To Say That Love & Hip Hop's Trina Has HIV!!


Rappers Khia and Trina have been feuding for years. And the two ladies have been saying horrible things about each other for many years.


But Khia continues to levy one particularly vicious allegation against Trina, that Trina has HIV. MTO News reached out to folks close to Trina and they all VEHEMENTLY deny that she's a carrier of the potentially deadly virus.

That hasn't stopped Khia however from saying - over and over again- that Trina has the disease.

Last week, Khia told fans on her podcast that Trina "doesn't own nothing but HIV." 

And yesterday, Khia claimed that Trina should be charged with "assault with a deadly p*ssy." She added that Trina "killed so man n*ggas" with her vagina - implying that the Florida rapper is a carrier of the potentially deadly disease.

Last night, Khia's dragging of rival Trina was particularly brutal. She took to her Gag Order show to once again roast fellow rapper Trina, after Trina posted a video alluding to her wanting to throw hands with Khia.

“Esther Rolles a.k.a. Trick Daddy "No Dollars" was gon' break the internet and didn't nobody watch. B*tch, we the people said 'you didn't break the internet, b*tch you just broke,'" she said before adding that Trina "ain't wrote sh*t and ain't sold nothing tryin' to battle with TWP and them old ass, tired ass songs y'all got together child. Boo, nobody's buying them b*tch."

Khia continued, "So now you wanna try to do a Tik Tok pretending you wanna box. B*tch in yo' 365 years, dog years that is of living, Ho, who have you ever fought? I'll wait. Acting like you wanna throw hands, and you ain't got not na'an battery charge. Gag order, let's talk about order b*tch, you was running then, and you runnin' now. M'kay, just like you was running from that challenge. I bet you won't. Gag order, let's talk about order, we the people say 'run that record and let's see how many assault charges you got. Not na'an ho, just assault with a deadly p*ssy, you done killed and shot so many n*ggas with that girl, honey them probably the only charges you've ever had." 

Check out the full roast above.