Rapper and podcast host Khia trended online on Tuesday after she went to war on social media with Love & Hip Hop: Miami star, Bobby Lytes.

Khia has had an issue with Trina for some time, and launched into a tirade against the "The One" rapper online, even accusing her of sacrificing her own mother:

"Word on the street, Katrina' Sour P*ssy' Harper has been fallin' out and havin' seizures after she sacrificed – a.k.a. offed – her mammy to an incurable disease.," Khia ranted on her show, Gag Order.

"We, the people, say it seems like she losin' everything – her hair, her teeth, her deals, her friends, her fans, her virginity at 12, her walls, her career, her pregnancies, Trick [Daddy]. Hmm, she can't keep a n*gga or b*tch…We gon' see if this sacrifice helps her sell records or get her more shows."

Lytes, who is Trina's cousin, was quick to jump to his family member's aide. But Khia also unleashed on Lytes, accusing him of having aids:

"Sour ass Bobby Lytes. We, the people, sentence you to a DN-Aids test. See, your access has been denied down the 'Old Town Road,' 'cause you been desperate chasin' Lil Nas, and he don't want you. So you won't be ridin' no horses, but you can ride your sissy cauliflower ass down to the free clinic to get some penicillin shots, b*tch. You came with your ass out at the awards, and nobody still didn't wanna touch your sick ass, 'cause your b*ssy is coughin', sneezin', and leakin', b*tch – just like your cousin, Katrina' Sour P*ssy' Harper…you out of order!"

Lytes did not hold back either:

Watch Khia's full rant below: