Khia Comes For Trina AGAIN: I'm Swallowing You Whole!!


Khia has once again sent for rapper Trina, after Trina denied her request for the two to battle on social media and go hit-for-hit.

Trina said that before challenging her, rappers need to make sure that they have ten hits to bring to the table, and Khia is mad about it.

"Now, I know you're still mourning the death of your mammy, you're still grieving," Khia said. "So Imma let you have your little burst of confusion and let you slide when you act like you don't know a b*tch. You ain't gon' address a b*tch, but you sat up there and talked about a b*tch for 30 goddamn minutes."

She continued,  "We can check the numbers and I run you each and every mothaf*ckin' time. I swallowed you whole then, and I'm swallowing you whole now."

One thing's for sure, Trina will not appreciate Khia mentioning her mother who passed away from cancer, but it's 50/50 as to whether she will actually publicly respond to Khia again.

Check out the rant from Khia below -- did she go too far?