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Khaotic from Love & Hip Hop Miami has a woman that's at least as hood as he is - possibly more.

The Love & Hip Hop rapper is dating female rapper/social media star Sukihana. 

Sukihana is best known for being an Instagram star who found fame with her video "Kodak Snack" where she remixed Kodak Black's music. The song went viral, and received millions of views.

Her rap lyrics are very graphic, she once said in a rap bar that her "throat was like an air b&b." She also talks openly about dating drug dealers and killers.

But it's her Instagram videos, moreso than her rap songs, that get her attention.

Here's her on Instagram:

And well - her relationship with the Love & Hip Hop star is about as ratchet as we've ever seen.

Look at the "lovingly" way that Chaotic talks to his bae. She seemed embarrassed about having their relationship be revealed on social media:

Chaotic is a popular Miami rapper, with a troubled history with the law.

He's been arrested for crimes like drug possession, carrying a concealed weapon, and fleeing the site of a car crash, Khaotic has continued to churn out music since 2015. In 2018 alone, he’s released multiple hit singles like “Dirty Money,” “Go Without,” and “Water.”