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MTO NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Gucci Mane's Gonna Have A BABY . . . His Wife Keyshia Is PREGNANT!!! (PICS)


MTO News confirmed that Gucci Mane and his wife Keyshia are PREGNANT!! According to our TOP SOURCE Gucci and the Mrs have been tryign to get pregnant now for a few o months - and it finally worked.

We're told that Keyshia is 2 months along and not showing at all yet. But we're 100% certain about the pregnancy. How can we be so sure? Well MTO News confirmed that Gucci's agent reached out to BET Networks about a SECOND SEASON of their reality show The Mane Event. And during that call, the agent told BET that the Keyshia's PREGNANT and that the second season would follow her pregnancy.

Late last year, Gucci asked Twitter what he should get Keyshia for her birthday. Keyshia then tweeted that she wants a baby boy. Has she gotten her wish?

Both Gucci and Keyshia both have children from previous relationships but the couple have been very private when it comes to their mini-me's. There were also rumors that Keyshia's kids were living in Jamaica and not with her. “They all live with us,” Keyshia told The Breakfast Club. “And we have a blended family and we have fun and they are spoiled and they are happy.”

Congrats to the happy couple.