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Keyshia Cole's Mother Frankie Is BACK ON DRUGS . . . This Time It's HEROIN!!!


MTO News is sad to report that Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie is back on drugs again - this time she's on heroin. Keyshia's mother Frankie became a reality star, when she was featured on Keyshia's multi-season reality show. She was open about her past crack addiction, and her struggle staying sober.

As of right now, Frankie is back on the narcotics. Keyshia took to social media yesterday to announce that her mother had "relapsed" and was using dugs again. Here's what Keyshia had to say:

And while Keyshia wasn't specific about the drugs that her mother was using, MTO News herald rumors that Keyshia's mother is now suspected of using heroin. Hopefully she'll find the strength to get clean again - for her family's sake.

On Wednesday Cole again took to her Instagram to lament about the pain of watching a loved one go through a battle with drugs. The video shows Cole with her mother in happier times when she was sober.

“This was 2 1/2 years ago. Every time my mom relapse, it breaks my heart more than it’s already been broken. I’m hoping, if any of u are dealing with a family member who’s battling with drug addiction, that you, yourself are learning how to cope with the struggle of it all,” Cole wrote.

While Cole has been very open with her family’s struggles, stemming back from their BET reality series, “The Way It Is,” she says she is still holding out hope for her mother’s recovery and wants Frankie to know that she has her love.

“I really miss you! And will always love u,” Cole concluded.

Sending love and light to their family as they process through this difficult time.