Keyshia Cole's DJ Shares Why She Showed Up Late

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During Thursday night's Verzuz battle, Keyshia Cole showed up more than an hour late and appeared to be drunk -- but her dj sat down for an interview and explained why Keyshia seemed so off-balance.

"In Keyshia's defense I can truly say that she didn't want to come out because her screen was blurry. On her end her screen was blurry. She was there on time, I was there, I saw everything, she was there. But she didn't want to come out because the screen was blurry, and stuff wasn't right," her dj explained.


"We couldn't hear they side, so it was a lot of technical stuff going on in there you know. Because she's a perfectionist and when stuff don't go the right way, it's downhill from there. I can say that, and that's just the truth. She was already upset about it being pushed back like it was anyway, but it's COVID, you know?"

Watch the interview below.