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Keyshia Cole Weighs In On Kehlani, Kamaiyah Beef: I Won't Be Friends With Kehlani Again!!

Keyshia Cole has finally broken her silence on the ongoing beef between Kehlani and Kamaiyah -- and says she doubts she and Kehlani would ever be friends again.

"We didn't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, and that's OK," Keyshia said during an interview with Hollywood Unlocked. "Anything's possible as far as being cool again, but I just don't think friendship."

Kehlani caught wind of the post on TSR and hit the comments section.

"this is just sad and lame tho. i have screenshots of texts of Keyshia apologizing to my manager saying she just felt embarrassed about how she looked in the videos. apologizing to my manager saying she's just emotional," she wrote.

She continued, "that's why she isn't in the video. i lost money on that. i still look up to her and am honored to have her on the song, there are so many videos of me covering her songs on youtube since i was little. i have screenshots of me telling her she's an idol of mine. this is all super sad."

Cole then replied, "I'm confused. I thought I explained that I wasn't upset at all. And that it's all love. We had disagreements….regardless, that I didn't disclose. And said I still loved and supported you. But you wanna Drk 'screenshots??' I have some screen shots of my own."

Kehlani posted her receipts: