BREAKING NEWS: 36 Year Old Singer Keyshia Cole . . . Is PREGNANT . . . By A 22 Year Old RAPPER!!

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R&B singer Keyshia Cole is pregnant, according to MTO News' sources in her camp. The 36-year-old legendary singer performed yesterday in Fort Meyers, Florida and openly told the audience that she's "carrying."

Whose the father? Well, Keyshia found love with a 22-year-old SoundCloud rapper named Niko Khalé. The two have been all over social media together, and they look VERY happy. Congrats to Keyshia.

She's finally living her best life divorcing from Booby.

"I'm just happy we're finally going through with the divorce... it takes 60 days," she told The Breakfast Club "I'm really excited that we're finally —both of us— able to get over this and move on. Let's start a fresh and new."

"I haven't been home to see the paperwork, so I don't know... He said it isn't true. I'm hoping that he would never try to do that."

 We're glad that she's finally found some peace. We could all see during her stint on Love & Hip Hop that she was miserable and Booby really didn't deserve her. We just hope that her new bae knows how to keep it in his pants!