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Keyshia Cole Fan JUMPS ON STAGE . . . And Gets BEAT UP By Her Security . . . But Did They GO TOO FAR???? (VIDEO)

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R&B singer Keyshia Cole was ACCOSTED on stage – by an overzealous fan.
The fan jumped onto the stage and put his arm around the R&B diva.

But that was a BIG mistake. Keyshia’s security jumped on the dude – and BODY-SLAMMED him into the ground before throwing him back into the crowd. That bodyguard is earning his salary!

No word yet on whether he’s been injured. We doubt he'll be doing that again though!

Keyshia Cole was causing a buzz online after word got out that she will not be returning to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Cole has revealed that she only joined the cast to promote her new album and to gain new fans and had no longterm plans with the franchise.

Some of her fans are even suggesting that she joined the show to give her baby daddy, Daniel "Booby" Gibson a job and a check so that he could gain back his independence and get out from under her roof. Perhaps it could just be that she wanted out before all of the craziness really began. The plotlines on reality televisions shows always seem to crank up a notch every season and so far, Cole has left relatively unscathed (unless you're counting Booby's cringe-worthy moments with that chick on the show whose name we can't remember...)

A clean break from Booby is needed. She cannot keep carrying that boy!

Mona Scott-Young nor VH1 have released an official statement on Cole's departure from the show.