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Kevin Spacey's accuser in the sexual battery case is fighting for his identity to remain a secret after the Hollywood star filed a motion to have his identity revealed.

According to docs obtained by The Blast, the 'John Doe' is asking to “proceed anonymously through a pseudonym to protect him from harassment, financial, physical, and emotional injury, ridicule, and personal embarrassment.”

The 'John Doe' also claims:

“Here, Plaintiff is seeking justice for harm resulting from sexualized violence against him, not fame through this case. He has no interest in becoming publicly known for this traumatic event and deserves to be protected from the victim shaming and humiliation attached to public commentary about reports of sexual battery and assault by a high-profile celebrity.”

He also cites "stranger danger" and that the "chilling effect" is higher as Spacey is a high-powered star - basically, he feels safer and more comfortable keeping his identity withheld from all.