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Kevin Spacey's own brother has come forward to blast his brother as a "sex pervert."

Speaking exclusively to RadarOnline, Randy Fowler, 62, says that Spacey's legal woes were a long time coming and Fowler wanted him brought to justice way back in 2004 when allegations first reared.

“He actually believes that because he’s an actor society should give him a pass because you loved him as these diabolical characters in the movies, so you should love him as a real sex pervert. He’s the worst of the worst.," he told Radar.

“The first allegation against him came out in 2004 and he managed to shovel it under the carpet. But I knew it was just a matter of time. He has destroyed a lot of souls.

“This young man has only lived in silence for a year but the torturous emotions that this kid had to go through at the expense of my brother – this is just the beginning. My brother has been living this secret life for 40 years.”

A total of 15 males have come forward to allege Spacey, 59, made inappropriate sexual advances to them, dating as far back as 1986. One of his alleged victims even claims to have video footage of his assault.

Fowler also added some more shocking insight into Spacey's upbringing, claiming that their father was a violent Nazi sympathizer.

“What is really hurtful is that I spent the better part of my childhood trying to prevent my brother from being raped, then in 1975 when I moved out of the house my brother stayed in the home for five years. And there is no doubt my father got a hold of him. I’ve been trying to have a relationship with my brother but now it turns out 40 years later he actually represents everything I’m fighting against.”

Spacey is due to show up for his arraignment on Monday, Jan. 7, where he plans to plead not guilty.