A federal judge has ruled that the accuser of Kevin Spacey may remain anonymous, despite Spacey requesting that his identity be made public.

The massage therapist filed suit in October 2018 accusing the actor of trying to kiss him and forced him to grab his genitals during a session in Malibu in 2016. Spacey also faces a criminal charge in Nantucket accusing him of groping a busboy. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

“Plaintiff’s vulnerability to humiliation, harassment, and threats, is further exacerbated by the nature of Defendant’s status as a high-profile celebrity and the media attention that comes with it,” Judge Ronald Lew wrote. “The Court finds that anonymity is necessary to protect Plaintiff’s privacy and to protect against any further trauma.”

Spacey was dropped from Netflix's hit show, 'House of Cards' after the allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. The final season of the show continued without him.