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A man who accused Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey of groping him has blasted him as an "immature, defiant and Godless malcontent man" during a recent interview.

"Kevin continues to behave like an immature, defiant and Godless malcontent, a man without an industry, chronically unable to get past himself," director Tony Montana told Radar Online.

Montana alleges that Spacey grabbed his crotch 14 years ago.

"He was telling me to come with him to leave the bar. He put his hand on my crotch forcefully and grabbed my whole package," Montana previously claimed, adding that Spacey then told him that "This designates ownership."

"The aftermath of the assault was in many ways as traumatic as the event itself. It all felt very dirty… because it was," he said.

The sexual misconduct charges against the star have been dismissed, which means that his alleged victims will most likely not receive any justice for their trauma.