Kevin McCall has taken a break from trashing him baby mama Eva Marcille to announce to his fans and followers that he is now "only rocking with BBWs."

So, no more slim, model types for the R&B singer.

Check the post below:

McCall posted the statement to his Instagram stories, and The Shaderoom captured the clip - but the BBWs in the comments section are not interested in his newest declaration.

"I really HATE when dudes say they’re dating BBW’s from now on... insinuating they’re settling for someone less than who wont hold them to the same standards as a slim, thick, or “fine” woman. Boy bye!" one follower wrote.

"I’m speaking for the “BBW” community, we DON’T WANT YOU!!!! 🗣🗣🗣," another commented on the post.

"NOPE. We don’t want you, either. BBWs are not last on the list after you’ve abused your way through all the other women in your life. WE GOOD," a third added.

Is Kevin McCall a "catch"?