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Kevin Hart's Wife Wears HEELS . . . Appears A Foot Taller Than Him On Red Carpet!!

Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko stepped out on the red carpet a few days ago for the premiere of Kevin;s new movie, Jumani. Typically Kevin asks his much taller wife to wear flat shoes, instead of heels - so that she doesn't quite tower over him.


But on Wednesday, Kevin allowed Eniko to choose her own shoes, and well . . . LOOK.


Kevin married his second wife, Instagram model Eniko Parrish in 2016, after they had already been together several years. Their son, Kenzo, was born the following year in November 2017, and the very next month Hart was caught cheating, and forced to publicly admit it to his wife while she was close to 8 months pregnant.

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Since the cheating episode, Kevin has been working overtime to strengthen their marriage.  Thus far, their marriage has proven strong enough to weather the storm and come out better for it. Their second child, a daughter, was born in September 2020.