The former friend of Kevin Hart who was charged in connection with trying to extort the superstar over a sex tape which was eventually leaked - has had his felony extortion charges dropped.

According to The Wrap, the L.A. District Attorney’s office filed a motion last week to dismiss the first count (extortion by threatening letter). Prosecutors did not have evidence to convict Jackson with the criminal charge, a representative from the office tells TheWrap.

Actor J.T. Jackson was accused of teaming up with Montia Sabbag, the lady in the infamous video after she allegedly told the Night School actor to “give me $5 million or I’m releasing the video.”

Instead of folding, Kevin posted a public apology to his wife, Eniko Hart who was pregnant at the time. Fortunately, his wife chose not to leave him, and his marriage remained intact.

Montia recently tried to sue him for $60 million for defamation, but it was recently thrown out by a judge. She is expected to appeal the decision.