Comedian Kevin Hart has addressed his shocking car crash during a recent episode of his show, Laugh Out Loud.

"For me, I'm a different version of myself," he said on his Sirius XM show. "This ain't got nothing to do about going to church… It's not spiritual, spiritual is the wrong word. You're more present. More aware… It's all a joke until you get smacked with that real-life reality."

He went on to say, "I could not f*cking move. I could not wipe my ass… I literally I couldn't do none of that." He added, "It makes you realize… you really are helpless. There was nothing I could do."

Kev said his celeb pals sent him gifts and thanked God for still being here.

"I had a lot of people send me stuff, flowers, cards… I'm not throwing nobody under the bus. There was one person where I was like, that's crazy… [the gift was normal, but] the person was a weird person," he shared.