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Kevin Hart: I Lied To The Hospital About Pain After Car Accident

Kevin Hart sat down for a recent interview with Joe Rogan, where he revealed that he lied to the hospital about how much pain he was in following his severe car crash last year.

"I lied in the hospital because I didn't want them to know that I was having pain," Hart said, "because I thought that they were gonna stop me from letting me continue to try my walks."

Hart sustained back injuries when the driver of his car lost control of the vehicle and rolled into an embankment before slamming slammed into a tree.

Hart also revealed how the crash has changed his perspective on life:

"When you come close to that light and if you are fortunate enough to come back to that light, you value life differently," he said. "There are no bad days for me."

He continued, "There was an option of me never seeing that home again. There was an option of me never walking on that driveway again. There was an option of me never seeing my wife and my kids again."