Kevin Hart is getting dragged all over Twitter today, for disrespecting his best friend and personal trainer Ron "Boss" Everline - CEO of multiservice fitness company Just-Train.

MTO News confirmed that Ron and Kevin met 3 years ago, and have become inseparable. Ron now works as Kevin's personal trainer and runs Kevin's fitness company. The two men are also best friends.

But on Kevin's Netflix special, Kevin disrespects his BFF,  calling him a "b*tch" and then suggests that Boss is a loser, and owes everything - including his survival - to Kevin.

In a scene, Kevin and Boss start arguing over a card game, while on Kevin's private jet - and Kevin gets out of line.

Kevin calls his friend a 'bitch" then continues, saying, "Are you rich? If everything stopped today, could you survive [without me]?"

Boss responds by saying, "Yes." Kevin retorts, "You are a liar?"

Boss then attempts to defend himself by saying, "The fact that you're telling me that I can't survive [without you] makes you look dumb as f*ck."

Kevin then repeats, "Do you have a home?" That comment struck a nerve because Boss currently lives with Kevin.

The disrespect was too much, and the two men then start pushing and shoving each other.


Here's how Twitter is responding to Kevin disrespecting his homie: