Kevin Hart showed off some of his best moves with his son, Hendrix - and it was everything!

In the video, Hendrix 'Milly Rocks' alongside his father before Kevin steps up and showcases and of his own... unique moves.

Fans of the comedian loved it:

"That is literally so cute 😂😂 Kevin doesn’t know what he’s doing but that’s okay"

"Lol I bet he would be such a cool father."

"lmfao hit em son! Hit em son! Hit em son. The older you get the more your cool wares off 😂Good times #iseeyou #laugh #positivevibes"

"Why this reminded me of daddy when he does his momo move with his hands lmao"

It's good to see Kevin so upbeat after the Oscars fiasco. After fans whipped up a flurry over old tweets Kevin had posted on his Twitter account, they tried to force him to apologize. He did apologize to the LGBT community for any offense caused but backed out of hosting.

As it stands, the Oscars are now without a host.