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Kevin Gates Takes Wife DREKA On Shopping Spree . . . And She Has On NO MAKEUP!!


Kevin Gates is spotted ahead of the weekend as he takes his wife Dreka shopping at the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive. The two have been married now for about three years, and they are one of the more POPULAR couples in hip hop.

Drejka helped HOLD DOWN her family - while Kevin was in jail for a probation violation. And when he was released, Dreka was instrumental in getting his career back on track.

But Dreka's not JUST about supporting her husband. She has a substantial social media following - and has been making BIG MONEY through sponsorships.

Oh, and did we tell you that she's GORGEOUS too.


Kevin recently spoke on relationships and couple goals according to the Internet and basically he cosigns that social media has created a false perception of people and their relationships. 

According to Urban Islandz, "The Baton Rouge rapper went on Instagram on Sunday to speak his mind on the trend while explaining that he likes how his wife handles their personal lives on the Gram. So don’t expect any couple’s stunting on the Gram for Gates and his wife."

“I be hearing a lot of people talking about relationship goals and couples goals and sh*t like that,” the “Change Lanes” rapper said in the clip. “Everything in the relationship should be between you and that person is suppose to be private. It ain’t the internet business what you and this other person go through. What we talk about is what we talk about and like I said that’s why I respect my woman so much because she hold it down. These new hoes don’t know how to hold it down, they don’t know what holding it down means.”