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Kevin Durant Just STOLE . . . Jesse Williams Girlfriend From Him!!! (Taylor Rooks)


Actor Jesse Williams was dating sportscaster Taylor Rooks. But it looks like Taylor had enough of Jessica and upgraded to NBA superstar Kevin Durant.

According to online reports, Taylor dropped Jesse Williams and is now dating Kevin. Here's what the website Terez Owens is reporting:

Kevin Durant is no longer acting like he’s with his “girlfriend” Cassandra Anderson. And this is what we received in our tip box. “Kd has been taken with Taylor for sometime. His boy Randy was part of trying to get them together and her friend DJ Millie but the timing was wrong. She had a boyfriend at the time but now she’s single. She has a real job and grinds everyday to be independent. KD has moved on from Cass.”

Kevin Durant WAS dating a very pretty California real estate agent named Cass. But MTO News confirmed MONTHS ago, that the two broke up.

Taylor is definitely an UPGRADE for Kevin. And Kevin's definitely an UPGRADE for Taylor too .


Taylor and Kevin have way more in common it seems . . . Plus Jesse was always sneaking around because of his messy divorce. While out with Taylor a few months ago,  Jesse tried to stay hidden while out on a date with Taylor at Matsuhisa in Los Angeles. But Taylor had something else in mind. The beautiful young sportscaster is clearly LOOKING FOR STARDOM.

While Jesse snuck in the back of the restaurant to avoid the cameras - Taylor went in the front. And she didn't just WALK past the cameras either. The girl did a TYRA BANKS RUNWAY WALK past them - stopping to flip her hair, while smiling at the camera.