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Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant and Draymond Green may not be the best of friends - but their girlfriends definitely are. Kevin and Dray have been publicly feuding this NBA season.

But the two ballers' girlfriends are BFFs. Draymond's fiancé Hazel Renee and Kevin's GF Cassandra Anderson went to Soul Cycle yesterday - and they took some pics and videos - where the two compared bodies.

Kevin's girlfriend Cassandra is sort of built like him, she's tall and slim. But unlike Kevin, she has some very feminine curves.

Draymond's fiance Hazel has a more traditional insta-model shape. And she looks great too.

According to reports, the two ladies became close friends over the past year.

Here's the video of the two ladies:

Here are more pics of Draymond's gorge fiancé:

Here's Kevin's GF:


Hazel Renee, 32, was previously linked to John Wall of the Washington Wizards, landing her a spot on VH1 reality series Basketball Wives for one season. She was also featured on Season 3 of Fox drama Empire. 

Hazel shared a video of her and Draymond on social media back in March, and was also spotted at several Warriors games.

In September, she shared a picture of the two with him holding the 2018 NBA Championship trophy.

Judging by her pics, it's little surprise she has racked up more than 64k Instagram followers.