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Keri Hilson had time for a follower on Instagram after they hopped on her post to call her a "has been."

Keri Hilson who has enjoyed a successful solo career in the 2000s and has earned the majority of her coins from ghostwriting hits for some of the industry's biggest artists, is not about to have some unknown question her resume.

Hilson posted an inspirational tweet, saying:

 “I’ve learned that God responds to my action over my waiting…. There is no fear. Whatever direction I take, He will either protect me w/ divine correction or provide the tools to finish…” 

Before hopping onto Instagram to say:

 “moral of the story? Just move… And sometimes the “tools” are people.”

Before one disrespectful commentor wrote:

"shut up and sit down. Your last hit was 2011. Has been."

In her usual, classy style, Hilson responded to the hater with kindness.

"i'm sorry this is your only definition of success, but my grandkids straight. I've overcame mountains and broken family curses. I'm happy as a lark & live in true peace. And the best part? God ain't done with me yet. Bless your heart."

Ugh. We love it. So classy!