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47 year old Kenya Moore gave birth this afternoon - to a beautiful baby girl named Brooklyn Doris Daly.

The birth of Kenya's daughter came on the same day as the new Atlanta Housewives episode premieres. Quite the coincidence, right.

Here's how People magazine is reporting it:

“Brooklyn because that’s where we met and fell in love, and Doris after my grandmother who passed away last year and who raised me,” Moore tells PEOPLE.

Mom is doing well and “Brooklyn is very alert and active,” but the happy news also comes after scary few days for Moore.

The former Miss USA, who conceived through in vitro fertilization, gave birth via emergency cesarean section after revealing on Oct. 27 that she had tested positive for preeclampsia— a pregnancy complication that caused her to gain “17 lbs. in ONE week due to severe swelling and water retention, high blood pressure, and excess protein in urine.”

Preeclampsia typically develops suddenly in women who previously had normal blood pressure after the 20-week pregnancy mark, according to the Mayo Clinic. Left untreated, preeclampsia can have fatal consequences. The most effective form of treatment is delivery, something Moore said she was considering.

“This is NOT normal,” Moore wrote on Instagram. “Baby is fine but if [test] come back higher #babydaly will have to come same day.”

“Staying positive,” Moore added. “To my pregnant sisters please go to your visits and tell the doctor of any drastic changes. Thank God I have great doctors.”