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Kendall Jenner confirmed what many have long speculated, that the middle Kardashian sister practices witchcraft.

23 year old Kendall showed off her witchcraft equipment to fans on social media yesterday. Kendall is typically known as the "boring" Kardashian sister (besides Kourtney) but her alleged practice of witchcraft definitely has fans a little more interested in her now...

She posted this:


Kendall celebrated the vernal equinox last night, with a few of her witch friends.

The Vernal Equinox is the point at which, on Earth, the sun crosses the equator and in the sky crosses the celestial equator which lies in the constellation Pisces. This occurs on or about March 21st in the Northern Hemisphere and on our about September 23rd in the Southern Hemisphere.

The spring or Vernal equinox is a time period when the day and night are said to be equal. It is often celebrated as a holiday by Witches and Pagans of many traditions. 

On the night of the vernal equinox, the power of any spells cast are AMPLIFIED. It looks like Kendall and some of her friends were attempting to take advantage of that fact.