Kendall Jenner Releases NUDE Pics . . . Her Body . . . Is Very UN-KARDASHIAN!!!

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Kendall Jenner is the latest Kardashian looking to cash in on nude pictures. The eldest daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner released pics of herself running completely nude.

Her body, unlike all her sisters, is completely REAL. Fans are having mixed reaction to the image. On one hand, many are happy to see what a Kardashian girls "real" body looks like.

But many other fans are commenting that her shape - unlike all her sisters - is a lot more slender and linear. Kendall doesn't seem to have a curve on her body.

Here are some of the comments:

That’s some scary movie sh*t. b*tch run up on me like that I’m going the other way with great haste.

Das a man

That’s exactly what Kylie would’ve looked like

if she wasn't famous she'd be a missouri 6

Here is the pic that has people talking:


According to TMZ, "sources connected to the shoot tell us the images of Kendall were stolen from James and released without permission."

Kendall’s completely in the buff, sprinting on the beach in a newly released portrait ... and the Internet is already having a field day. Kendall’s no stranger to nudity, but this photo -- along with several more reportedly from a series from photographer Russell James for his upcoming book “Angels” -- is Kendall like you’ve never seen her before ... and folks on social media seem to be in shock.