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Kendall Jenner has secured another bag, by signing up to be the new face of skincare brand, Proactiv.

On Saturday she revealed that she had some big news to reveal which would be helping a lot of people. It turns out, the Proactiv deal was the mystery surprise and fans were - not that kee,

Proactiv were elated by the Jenner news, tweeting:

Proactiv tweeted ... "Welcome to the family, dahling! @KendallJenner is the new face of Proactiv."

Here are some of the responses to the news:

"To all the young impressionable girls that see this and think that’s how she fixed her acne, I promise you she has very expensive dermatologists & regular facials lol please don’t buy proactiv "

"If you have acne please DO NOT use this scammer ass brand proactiv as the chemicals in their products make your skin dependant on them and your acne will come back 10x worse."

"And the biggest anticlimactic moment of 2019 so far goes to..."

"It’s sad how many people know this is a brand deal consciously but will still give profits to a brand like proactive who is literally manipulating their customers"

"I thought everyone was starting to realize how horrible proactive is for skin, it even bleaches towels for crying out loud. I doubt she uses it."

Well, at least things are going well with her boyfriend, Ben Simmons. Maybe the next announcement will be more exciting news?