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Kendall Jenner and her NBA have Ben Simmons have split, according to sources.

According to Page Six, there was a "buzz" among Ben's entourage that he and Jenner called it quits last week. Sources said Simmons' crew included a "tall, supersexy brunette."

"Ben was at a center booth by the stage, but when the topless girls came to the booth, he had security send them away," the source also told the entertainment outlet.

And they are also reporting that another source familiar with the couple said they have broken up.

Kendall seems to be the most private out of all of the Kar-Jenner clan when it comes to relationships. At the beginning of their relationship, she faced some backlash as Simmons appeared to ditch his then-girlfriend, Tinashe and was snapped not long after with the model.

Some folks were worried about the union, praying that Simmons did not fall victim to the rumored 'Kardashian curse.'

The pair are yet to confirm the breakup.