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Kelly Rowland Is Spotted Out With A 'FEMALE COMPANION' . . . And She Hasn't Been Wearing Her WEDDING RING LATELY!!! (Is Something GOING ON Here??)

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We used to hear RUMORS about Kelly Rowland and her former "trainer" Jeanette Jenkins - but we refused to believe them. Now we're hearing more rumors about Kelly and her GORGEOUS new "best friend" photo'd below.

Coincidentally Kelly hasn't been wearing her wedding ring for the last couple of weeks.

It could be nothing. . .

If you feel you've seen Jeanette's face before, well, she is one of the hottest trainers in Hollywood. Also because she used to be boo-ed up with Queen Latifah (OK, we'll throw ALLEGEDLY in there). They was talk that the two were even engaged to be married at one point.