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Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her PERFECT BIKINI BODY . . . She Now Has . . Less Than 5 % BODY FAT!!! (PICS)


Kelly Rowland soaks up the sun as she shows off her curves in a yellow bikini on Bondi beach. The Destiny’s Child singer enjoys the warm weather by the ocean while showing off her fit and toned body with friends. She is currently in town filming for The Voice Australia.

Speaking to Daily Beast last year, she spoke about celebrities showing off their flawless post-baby bodies just weeks after giving birth:

“That is just not fair. And whoever those women are, they’re freaks of nature. But I’m happy for them! Teyana Taylor is one of them. I said to her when I met her, “You know it’s not fair. It’s just not fair. Your body’s just a freak of nature,” and she was just like, “Are you kidding me? Your body!” and I said, “Listen, no. It took a year to get this.” But I think it’s important for all women to know that everybody’s body is going to be different, and going to adjust differently. For some it may take a little longer.”

But she’s been very open and honest about getting her boobs done.

“I’m a very open book—no pun intended. I don’t feel the need to hold things back, and I own them. And for me, I’ve been very open about plastic surgery. […] But I did say in the book, whenever I decide to have another child and the life is sucked out of my bosoms again, then yes, I want them to be knocked back up!”

We love Kelly. Check out her amazing bikini bod below!