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Former Destiny's Child member, Kelly Rowland was spotted out taking her son Titan on a play date outing while vacationing in Sydney, Australia. 

The mother and son duo dined at Double Bay with friends as apart of their outing. 

Kelly chose to wear her natural hair out yesterday, and it's got her going viral. So far most women love Kelly's natural hair.

Kelly's natural hair texture is type 4C, using the Andre Walker system. Andre, who is Oprah's beloved hair stylist, created a broad-spectrum hair typing system that classifies various hair textures and breaks each hair type down to a number and letter.



Here's how type 4C hair is described, by the website

Type 4C hair is more tightly coiled than type 4B and has no defined curl pattern. To define a pattern, women with 4C hair need to braid, twist or shingle through the hair strands.

The hair strands in this hair type do not clump easily. The only way to do so is by applying some sort of styling technique.

When the hair is not stretched out, it has a shrinkage percentage of more than 70%. This means that it looks a lot shorter than it actually is.

4C hair ranges from soft, fine, thin to coarse and densely packed hair strands. As a matter of fact, this hair type looks a lot like type 4B.

However, the major difference is the fact that 4C is tightly packed and has less definition.