Kelly Rowland is being forced to deny allegations, that the beautiful Brown singer bleached her skin, New photos and videos of Kelly showed the former Destiny's Child singer, with a "lighter" complexion.

The internet started heating up over the last few days - with people claiming that Kelly was skin bleaching.

Kelly, who is known as much for her beautiful Brown skin as her singing career, immediately took to social media to respond.

The R&B singer told fans that she never "bleached" her skin. But fans don't seem to believe her.

Others said that Kelly, who once made dark-skinned or chocolate women proud, was using Photoshop to change the pretty color of her skin.

In a video, Beyonce’s BFF said she is not bleaching her skin and never will.

The mother of one also claimed that she is baffled by the comments and concluded by saying that she is on team chocolate for life.

Shortly after Kelly posted the below video, the hashtag #KellyBleach began trending on Twitter.


One fan told Kelly: “Yall be comparing pictures taking in the early 2000s to pictures taking in current times like technology has changed editing and lighting has changed lol yall never seen these ppl in person but be first to say they doing everything. Love this woman dearly black people come in all shades and we all need the good light!”