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Kehlani: Kamaiyah Sent Me Death Threats!!

Singer Kehlani and rapper Kamaiyah have been beefing and fans have been confused as to why -- but now both ladies have addressed their shocking fallout -- with Kehlani saying that Kamaiyah sent her death threats.

But, according to Kamaiyah, Kehlani's "All Me" featured her and Keyshia Cole, but Kehlani ended up ditching her from the track and releasing it with just Keyshia Cole.

Kamaiyah is signed to YG's label -- and YG is the ex-boyfriend of the "Honey" singer.

After Kamaiyah released her side of the story, Kehlani posted the following message:

"i'm STILL not speaking negatively on someone i once cared about. that i have a matching tattoo with. that i respected and admired. business didn't work out on a collaborative project, i withdrew and got a "green light" on my family and friends. AND ITS STILL LOVE ON THIS SIDE."

She then continued, "reached out countless amounts of times to be adults. to say "you have been around my child." still met with internet antics, false rumors that don't make any sense, and THREATS TO MY LIFE. & me all of a sudden not being from the same city that i was from when we were cool."