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Actress Keke Palmer will be taking on the role of a lesbian pimp in the new movie 'Pimp.'

 In the flick, which is executive produced by Lee Daniels, Palmer plays Wednesday, a lesbian born into the pimp game. The film has been in development for a while but it's will be dropping later this week.

"I wanted to do something different and give a voice to a character that really doesn’t often get a voice. So, I came across this script Pimp and I loved it, and I thought it was going to be challenging, so I immediately wanted to try and get an audition," she told Entertainment Weekly back in October.

"I couldn’t get one because they said they weren’t really sure it was something that would be a good fit for me. So, I went to my old neighborhood and a created a documentary-style acting tape, and I sent it in, and that’s why I got the role. And that tape was used to help us get the money to make the film.”

The Christine Crokos-directed movie, which also stars rap legend DMX, will be premiering on November 9 in select theaters and on demand.