Keke Palmer may be looking for love, but according to the tv host, she'd rather not date a fellow celebrity.

Plamer opened up to Harper's Bazaar about her dating preferences.

 "I don't really do relationship stuff online, mainly because I don't know how I would do it without looking, like, cheesy or something, you know?" she told the publication. "Yes, I'm a hundred percent authentic, but there is stuff that I do save for family and friends... I do have a Finsta. Sometimes I forget to post on there, 'cause I do post a lot of real moments and raw moments on my main Instagram page. But at the same time, when it comes to romance, [posting about it] doesn't really come naturally to me, so I feel like, why force it?"

She added, “I’ve always had the same philosophy when it comes to dating,” she said. “Not that I wouldn’t give someone a try. But trying to keep my private life outside of my work life, to me, it’s easiest when you don’t date someone with the same career.”