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R&B star Kehlani has denied every calling herself a lesbian after fans went crazy when she announced her pregnancy.

In an interview with NYLON magazine, the "Honey" singer makes it clear that she has never specifically identified as a lesbian and claims that she has always been pansexual.

"I’ve gotten everything from “I thought she was a lesbian” to “she was using queerness to promote her career, then went and betrayed us with a man” to “her baby father is just a sperm donor.” One, I never identified as a lesbian. I’ve always been pansexual. My first mixtape included songs about males, and songs about women. My first album had songs about a nonbinary ex, an intersex ex, and male/female exes. I don’t always make it a point to identify pronouns in the music because that isn’t the focal point. I think what steered everyone in the direction of categorizing my sexuality (which is still really narrow-minded) was my song “Honey,” and a couple of the features I’d done after," she said.

We are not sure why people are surprised. Before Kehlani "came out," he had been linked to NBA star Kyrie Irving and OVO artist and songwriter, PARTYNEXTDOOR.

" never woke up and decided to be the “queer icon” of the century. Having so much attention on me outside my art already gives me enough anxiety. I have always said, and will always say, there are people out there in this community fighting for equality in realer ways than making songs about it and performing at events like I am, and those are the “queeroes.” Those are the ones who deserve to be awarded and constantly highlighted. I do appreciate the love I’ve received for just being myself, but, believe me, I’m 80 percent just as uncomfortable with being the front page of any movement or the face/poster child of anything as a lot of people are with me being it. I’m here to make music, take care of my family, do whatever for those I can help, and love."

You can read the full interview here.