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Chief Keef BABY MAMA: 'I S**KED Tekashi's D**K . . . And It's REAL SMALL'!!!


Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and Chief Keef are in the midst of a large scale hip hop beef - and now it's getting more interesting. Chief Keef's baby mama admitted to having relations with Tekashi - and she claims that the Mexican rapper is LACKING in p*nis size.

Slim Danget went on a podcast and spilled all the tea - on her relationship with Tekashi. When asked whether she and Tekashi had relations - the former stripper told the fan,"How can I put this . . . well yeah I s**ked his d**k."

Slim Danger added, "He had to get some DANGER HEAD."

But she also threw a shot at Tekashi. When asked who had a bigger THING - Tekashi or her babys father Chief Keef, Danger didn't hesitate for a second and said, "Keef."

Here's what she said:

The beef has been going on for some time now. . . The Source recently reported another incident the two rappers had:

On Saturday (June 2) reports from New York City detailed a shooting at the W Hotel in Times Square around 6 a.m. where Chief Keef was the target. The shots missed, in fact, they hit the building pretty high. The police stated they discovered shell casings at the scene and were looking for 2 black males in hoodies who were seen at the scene. Immediately heads turned to 6ix9ine after the words were exchanged and Sosa happened to be in his hometown.

Many believed that Sosa was in New York to confront the Brooklyn rapper, however, he was scheduled to be in town for business. While all the madness was going on 6ix9ine wasn’t anywhere near NYC, instead, he was trolling away on the Internet from Los Angeles, which is Chief Keef’s current place of residence.

Returning home, Chief Keef was spotted in LAX and TMZ caught up with him. Upon questioning what went down on the East Coast, Chief Keef simply gives a motion to say that he will not tell and follows it up with “Fuck the opps.”