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Katy Perry‘s deposition over Dr. Luke will be made public, a Manhatten judge ruled.

Dr. Luke‘s business records will also soon be made public, the judge ruling that the information cannot remain sealed in singer Kesha‘s sexual assault case against Luke.

Perry put in a request to Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Schecter, to keep her deposition sealed. Her reasons? Perry claimed that if made public, the details could “cause significant harm to her career and reputation.”

Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, has said Kesha lied in a text message to Lady Gaga when she said he raped Perry — all in an effort to boost her own sexual assault claims.

We wonder what kind of damage Perry could be talking about?

Kesha had publicly claimed that Luke had drugged and raped her in 2008. In response, Luke turned around and sued Kesha for defamation leading Kesha to counter-sue over the alleged rape.

Page Six reports that the judge found that Perry’s “testimony is relevant to several important factual and legal issues (such as causation of damages).

“Thus there is a legitimate public interest in access,” the judge wrote. The deposition is to be unsealed within three business days., so the next week could prove to be challenging for Perry after all the details are made available.

Luke, who claims the rape allegations cause him over $38 million in royalties, desperately wanted his other artists to be kept out of the lawsuit, but his request was denied. 

The judge ruled that their identities “extremely important to the issue of causation of damages. [...] There simply is no fair way to adjudicate this case without revealing this information. Given its importance, the public has a compelling interest in it, as does Kesha, who has an interest in the state of [his] business affairs.”