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Katt Williams HOLDS GUN During ROAD RAGE Argument . .. Says 'I'm Not XXXTENTACION'!!


Katt Williams nearly got into an issue, as he was driving around in his brand new Rolls Royce convertible. The comedian was minding his own business, driving around in his $350K car when he was approached by two men.

The men started showing stacks of money and told Katt that he was "broke." Katt started going back and forth with the two men. And at one point in the video, you can see that Katt GRIPPED UP onto something. People online believe that Katt had a GUN.

Luckily for Katt, the men harassing him posted the video online. You can see that Katt appears to be holding something. And he is talking with EXTREME confidence when he says "I'm not Xxxtentacion."

During a recent interview with GQ magazine, the writer described Katt as, "If someone were to ask about the vibe Katt Williams gives in person, I'd say: Rumpelstiltskin. And not just because he's short and often wears kind of a Vandyke, but more because there's a twinkle of mischief in this motherfucker's eye. He's possessed of naturally occurring magic, and like all magic foraged in the wild, it isn't strictly a tame kind of magic."

And the comedian has been through a lot! The interview continued saying, "I'd been told by his friend Kathy Griffin that Katt is kind of a scholar. A nerd. A History Channel buff. He's an autodidact—he says he officially “emancipated” himself from his parents as a teenager. He's not formally schooled, but I can report that he's a man of fierce and unruly and rebellious intelligence.

“I had already read a hundred books by the time I was 4 years old,” he tells me. “I was homeless as a teenager—I didn't graduate from high school. I found out my IQ, and then I was done.”