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Katt Williams broke up with Love & Hip Hop star Hazel E - and now he's making distiurbing allegations against his ex. According to Katt Williams, Hazel E went to Dubai and was paid money so that men can DEFECATE ON HER.

Hazel has spoken out about such awful rumors online in the past. She's vigorously denied that she's ever been paid for any s*x act, whether in Dubai or elsewhere.

But that didn't stop comedian Katt Williams from hitting her with these CRAZY accusations. 

Katt made the explosive allegations on social media last night. He was asked why he broke things off with Hazel - and Katt immediately started making fun of his reality ex.

Katt Williams told his audience, "As soon as she left me, she became ugly. How can you be lite skinned and ugly."

Then Katt discussed a recent trip that Hazel made to Dubai. He explained, "She was getting s*t on in Dubai."


The comedian went on to explain, "They give women ten racks to sh*t on them."

It's not clear whether Katt - who is a comedian - was joking or not. But there are rumors that some women are paid money by wealthy Arab men, to get defected on in Dubai.

Here's Katt explaining:

Earlier this summer TMZ reported that:

Katt Williams is under investigation by the feds, and they’re going after his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to get dirt on him ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Katt’s ex, former “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Hazel-E, tell us ... IRS agents in street clothes showed up at her door a few days ago unannounced to question her about Katt and his financial dealings.

We’re told at first Hazel wouldn’t open the door, but they refused to leave and threatened to come back with a search warrant if she didn’t cooperate ... so she let them come in for a talk.

Our sources say the agents bombarded Hazel with questions about Katt allegedly hiding money -- she said she had no knowledge of that. They asked if she ever opened any accounts for him -- she said no. Hazel did reveal info about gifts he’d bought her in the past. They cited comments Hazel made to Raquel on “Raq Rants” about the gifts, including a boob and butt job back in 2016.