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Comedian Katt Williams has been ordered to pay his alleged assault victim $25,000 in damages.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a Georgia judge has granted a default judgment in favor of Tyrell Williams against Katt from an incident which occurred three years ago.

Williams reportedly attended an after-hours show which Katt Williams allegedly “suddenly and without warning” approached him, knocked his iPhone out of his hand before striking him in the face three times with a closed fist and exited the lounge following the attack, per The Blast.

Williams said he suffered injuries and mental pain.

Just days before the alleged attack, Katt Williams was arrested in Portland, Oregon, when he allegedly assaulted an Uber driver after arguing over his dog.

Katt Williams has not issued a statement on the recent judgment, but we're sure the incident will most likely make it into one of his stand-up shows.