Wanda Smith and Miss Sophia have been fired from their radio spots at Atlanta's V-103 radio station.

The two ladies were part of the Frank Ski’s original morning show and have been with him for years.

According to multiple insiders - it was the Katt Williams drama, and Wanda's reaction to it, that caused her to be let go.

Katt Williams and Wanda - who is also a comedian - got into a roasting session while live on the air. Katt's jokes were cold blooded yet funny,and embarrassed Wanda to her core.

The next day, Wanda's husband saw Katt at the club and pulled a gun on him. Katt refused to tell police about the incident, and did not press charges.

Many at the station, including Frank Ski, were unhappy with the way that Wanda handled the Katt Williams incident. And MTO News confirmed that the higher ups at the radio station pushed her out because of it.

Wanda Smith had been a mainstay at V-103 for more than 20 years.

Miss Sophia (real name: Joe Taylor) was the first drag queen to ever have a regular slot on a morning radio show in Atlanta. She was on the show for four years providing entertainment news from 2006 to 2010. She came back last year to do the same thing.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Frank's new co-host "will be a younger female ... soon though I am not 100% sure who it is."