Kat Stacks Is A SAVAGE . . . She's Exposing Some INDIAN SOCCER PLAYER . . . Who Was Up In Her DMs!! (Dude Is BEGGING Her To Stop Too . . . LOL)


Indian soccer star Pratik Shinde is in a load of trouble - all because he tried to slide up in Kat Stacks DMs. Does he know who she is????

Pratik tried to slide up in Kat's DMs and arrange a date - instead he got exposed. Not only did Kat leak the DMs, but she tagged dude's GIRLFRIEND, who happens to be a famous Indian actress/model named Rimple Makkar.

Look at dude BEG KAT for mercy .. . LOL.

Let's hope his team here in the U.S. -the Houston Hurricanes - don't get on his case. Gonna be hard out there for an immigrant.