Katie Rost had a miscarriage this weekend, and she leaked graphic bloody pics of her miscarriage on social media.

Three months ago Katie, a former Real Housewives of Potomac castmate announced that she and her new boyfriend Jacob were expecting a baby together. The couple seems very happy about the pregnancy.

Well over the weekend, the pregnancy took a turn for the worst, and Katie had a miscarriage.

But here's where things got strange. Katie shocked fans when she appeared to share a picture of the aftermath of her miscarriage.
In the below image, Katie was seen shortly after the miscarriage. The former Potomac Housewife was lying naked on the bathroom floor - and she was in a pool of blood.

Here is the image:


What's even more bizarre, was Katie's excuse for leaking the pic. Katie claims that her boyfriend Jacob took the pic and leaked it.

Here's her response:

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