Katie Rost from Bravo's Real Housewives Of Potomac is being accused of bleaching her skin - by folks all over social media.

Katie used to be a beautiful Black woman - before she had a procedure to change her appearance. While it's not clear exactly what Katie did, many are speculating that at the very least she used skin bleaching cream - to lighten her complexion.

And Katie also appears to have gotten blue colored contacts - to change her eye color.

Here's what she looks like now:

If you're shocked by Katie's new look, you're not alone. MTO news learned that all of her fellow housewives are stunned by the changes she's made to her appearance.

Luckily for all involved - the new season of The Real Housewives Of Potomac is being filmed. And Katie is on the cast.

One producer explained, "Katie's new look is going to be a part of her storyline [next] season."

Weeks after Katie said on Instagram that she “should be on that couch” (for the reunion) after alleging that she had been exploited by Bravo TV, a report has revealed that Katie’s social media postings, including shocking messages regarding her miscarriage, custody battle, and allegations of abuse against her ex-husband, James Orsini, may have prompted the network to leave her out of the special.

Although a spokesperson for Bravo TV said there “absolutely no truth to this,” labeling the suspicions as “false information,” a source close to Katie told Page Six on September 9 that it was “strange” that producers “wouldn’t want” her drama to be featured on the show.

“Housewives go to reunion and there’s no guarantee that friends of Housewives are invited,” the network explained.