Kathy Hilton, the sister of Kyle Richards is reportedly in talks to replace Lisa Vanderpump on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.'

Kathy, who is the mother of famous socialites Paris and Nicky Hilton, has appeared on the show occasionally as a "friend" but nothing more. If Kathy signs on, it's fair to assume that her daughters Paris and Nicky will stop by for the cameras every now and again. RadarOnline is reporting that Andy Cohen has been seen out with Kathy and has been in talks to become a full-time housewife.

The news comes after Lisa Vanderpump announced that she would not be returning to the show, and she did not show up for the reunion.

Kathy has addressed the rumors of her joining the cast, with the following hilarious caption:

"Rumors of me joining the Beverly Hills Housewives would interfere with my real job of cutting hair."

The video appears to be lighthearted, so there could be some truth to it all.